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Q. Where is the hostel located?
A. Girasoles Hotel is located only 04 blocks from the train station and 06 from the Uyuni Bus terminal.

In Uyuni’s city centre, where you can find all the travel agencies, restaurants with local and international food, and the famous weekly market organized by the local Bolivian townspeople.

Q. How can I get to Hotel Girasoles?
A. The trains arrive daily to Uyuni from Oruro, Tupiza, and Villazon. They are the most inexpensive, safe and easy way to get to our town from which you can visit the majestic salt flats. If you would like to travel by train, we can help you reserve your tickets.

You can also take a bus. Depending on where you start from, the length of the bus trips varies significantly. From La Paz, the trip is 10 hours, from Oruro it takes 07 hours, and from Potosi it also takes approximately 07 hours. If you miss your bus you have to wait hours before the next departure.

Another simple way to get to Uyuni is to rent a car in another city. You can go at your own pace and the leave your car in the hotel’s garage while you take a tour to de salt flats.

Q. What is the best moment to visit Uyuni?
A. The best time to visit is between July and October, when the flats are dry. In the rainy season the flats are ideal for photography lovers. In the winter season the sky is remarkably clear, which allows you to see the stars and constellations like never before.

Q. What are the main attractions and activities in Uyuni? And how is the weather there?
A. The main attraction of this region is the landscape, the Salt Hotel, and the Fish Island.

The main activities are observation of wildlife, landscape, ecotourism.

The climate is rainy from November to March. Dry the rest of the year.

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